Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Love Poem, to the Holy Spirit

Written communally, with Elle Dowd, Korla Masters, Francisco Herrara, Brian Sieve, John Brett, and Angel Carter

The Holy Spirit is a decolonizer.

 She's insubordinate and noncompliant, and She's one Sneaky Bitch. Completely not respectable

Does the Holy Spirit have thick thighs too? And I bet She wears leggings and doesn't even worry if She has a muffin top!  And They drink Their water.

The Holy Spirit is a thick-thighed, water-drinking, rule-breaking dancing justice-loving fire woman
& the Holy Sport leaves their lucky pennies where others can find them, & she leads insurrections of butterflies at military parades & protest marches,  & the Holy Spirit, they know how to party down, both  before & after liberation comes, 'cause celebration is sometimes strength for the journey & the journey never ends, & the Holy Spirit helps the tears fall & gets the heartiest laughs at her jokes-she's just that good.

And They are promiscuous and polyamorous.YES!!! She/They loves everybody! And it ain't no platonic love shit either.

She's full of transgressive gender.I love Her as Queerly high femme, but I know Her other lovers see other genders in Her.

And she's REALLY great with her tongue, and she's indiscriminate about its use - and and and it BUUUUUURNS!!!!

*speaks in tongues*


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