Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Theological confessions of a justice loving post-Lutheran pastor who says fuck

God loves yo racist, sexist ass, will forgive all the stupid shit you do, and you'll even get to take your racist, sexist self to heaven.
But you won't experience true salvation without repenting of your racism and sexism, without being forgiven, without the work of transforming your heart and your life.
Because salvation is about living, on this earth, in this life, in right and good and loving relationship with God, your human siblings, and all creation, in a joyful, whole, holy relationship. And if we don't do the work, it is literally, functionally impossible to be in that relationship.
White people don't get to have good, loving mutual relationships with people of color without being saved from white supremacy. Not because they reject us, but because we reject them.
Men cannot be in genuine relationship with women and gender non-conforming folks without examining the ways they hurt us, and cutting that shit out.
And it's a fucking miracle when it happens. A miracle I locate in Jesus, but you might find it elsewhere.
It is literally impossible for the white Protestant mainline to be the Church without asking to be freed from the bondage of racism and sexism, and some other isms too.
God's unconditional grace doesn't mean we have real community with people we oppress. We need salvation for that.

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