Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bible Study, from your Sex-Positive Pastor

Here's a pastoral challenge, for those who choose to accept it:

By yourself, or with other people, read the Song of Songs. (Sometimes called the Song of Solomon.)
You can find it here:Here

Let it work as poetry, and with openness to the possibility that Divine Love may meet you when you do.

Some of the imagery is from a culture quite foreign to us. I find it's easiest to understand if you read it with your dirtiest mind.

(TW: the book does contain some sexual violence.)

Questions to ask:
Do I understand this as being primarily about human sexuality? What could God be telling us about human sexuality if we understand the poetry in this way?

Do I understand this book to be a metaphor about God's relationship with us? If so, what does it mean to use such sexy language?

Can it be both? What would that mean? Can we have an erotic relationship with both God and other humans?

Can you, by yourself or together, write a blessing that reflects your answers to these questions?

If you wanted to share any of your results, I'd be delighted to read them! Post them in the comments.

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