Saturday, April 15, 2017

Thoughts on a Saturday that is Holy to Me

Something is stirring in the air right now, and people are asking holy questions.

In case something might be stirring in you too, in case this might be helpful to you, here are some things I've said more than once in the past 24 hrs:

It's ok to reach out to the great Something Else, while still rejecting your old, childhood view of god. If you think there might be Love out there, you can open yourself to It, without becoming a Christian. If the Pulse of Energy, or the Universe, is calling your name, you might answer, or you might wait longer. She/He/It/They/Fae can wait for you. But also if you start to open to the Connection, It will reach for you.

And the Divine won't violate your boundaries. This is something I've only ever been able to explain to certain people: let those with ears hear. But the Other will push your limits, will take you to the edge of what you can handle, but not over. You can have a safe word. You can submit, but still say "not there."

Conversely, if you don't feel this Thing, but want to be part of a community that sings together, loves each other, serves the world together, you can, Feeling or not. You can look around for a church/synagogue/mosque/faith community that matches your values, watch them for awhile, get to know them, see if you want to join them more. If you're being pulled towards community, you can have that, "believing in God" or not. And you can even talk to the clergy person about this, if you'd like. The right one will rejoice in your longing, and welcome you. You can have a "church home" even if you don't believe in God.

And, dear ones, if you think I might be talking about our conversation, about you, I am. But also so many others. This is a Great Yearning which many of us share.

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