Friday, June 2, 2017

Ascension Day Sermon at St Matthias

St Matthias Episcopal Church in Baltimore welcomed me as a supply preacher on Ascension Sunday.

I loved this little congregation!  If you are looking for a welcoming church in Baltimore, and like liturgy and social justice, give them a try! The friendliness of their leaders was genuine, playful, and infectious.  They proudly told me about several social ministries that met the needs of their community, but even more impressive, it was obvious that people who received these services and people who provided them effortlessly worshiped and enjoyed fellowship together.  They are leading several churches in a discussion of white privilege, and are clearly accustomed to wrestling with social justice issues. The congregation was diverse in ethnicity, economics, and sexual orientation.  The church dog, Gracie, a beautiful and gentle poodle mix, wandered through the sanctuary during the service.  The choir was astonishing, people responded with emotion to the liturgy and sermon, and nobody wanted to leave coffee and fellowship time after worship.

St Matthias has a leader who films sermons and posts them to youtube, so you can hear my sermon here.  Links to the texts of the day are included.  You can also feel the delightful energy of the congregation as you listen.

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