Tuesday, March 6, 2018

God in our Guts

This is an imperfect post, because everything I am saying I am also feeling today.

I follow a Jesus whose guts moved when he saw people hurting.

Beloveds, do you feel injustice in your body? That’s you feeling with Jesus. If you’re fearful or weepy or outraged or upset, if your digestion is off or your joints hurt or you get a migraine, if your energy is drained and you’re foggy brained- those are legitimate responses to an unjust situation!

(Allies, don’t imply otherwise. Fuck a bunch of that. You don’t get to regulate how people experience oppression, and your “rational” responses are not better. In fact, they’re farther from Jesus.)

And after a few years of feeling in his guts what his people went through, Jesus lost his shit at the religious establishment and flipped tables, drove people out of positions of power.

Within oppressed communities we can and will discuss the most strategic use of our emotions, and leaders will help each other moderate them to care for people. And we have an ethical responsibility about protecting the vulnerable, and/or other oppressed groups as we express our outrage.

*But our outrage is holy.* It is an expression of Divine Love. And “allies” aren’t allies if they tell us otherwise.

Do your things, beloveds. Feel your feelings. Care for your bodies. Don’t forget pleasure, whatever that means for you. These are all paths to God.

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