Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Trans Community set me Free

Here's why I love having people who are transgender in my life:

It is a good and comforting and empowering to have men in my life who really get the evils of sexism, who believe how women are treated because they've experienced it.

It's wonderful to be with women who can show me what femininity can look like in someone who wasn't so socialized to be passive. And witnessing Trans women choose for themselves what level of makeup/dress/etc they want has liberated me to do the same. They're doing for themselves, not to appease the patriarchy, so I can do the same.

Its amazing to have people in my life who are outside the gender binary. The gender fluid, gender queer people. They show me infinite possibilities for what people can be like, and make room for everyone to be exactly who they are.

Most of all, every human on this planet has a moment (at least one) when they have to risk everything be true to themselves, or die the slow death of conformity to false expectations. When I'm with people who are trans, I'm with people who have boldly, courageously, splendidly made that choice.

And as someone who believes that every human was made in the image of God, who is full of gender, you show me more images of our genderfull God. I see more of the Divine because of you.

I'm in awe of you, my Trans community. Thank you for being there for me, for teaching and empowering and inspiring and liberating me.

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